Yes, you can! However, all new clients must pay the $199 new client fee when they book their first appointment.

Working with alxs skn gym, we provide the service of following up with you after your appointment and being there for you on your skincare journey. The $199 New Client Fee gives you access to our text line to ask us any questions about your skin and routine.

If you decide to skip the consultation and go right for a treatment, your skin may be more inflamed than usual after your treatment.

The WARM-UP is a one-hour honest convo about you and your skin. We start by you just opening up and telling us exactly what you want to improve with your skin.

We will want to know what products you currently use, your past experiences with skincare products, treatments, and your health.  We will design a new homecare routine and treatment plan based on your unique skin and skin goals.

Maintaining an effective home care routine has to be your #1 priority before deciding if you want to invest in treatments. Over-the-counter skincare products cannot replace a professional skin care regimen because most OTC products are not efficacious enough to impact your skin correctly, induce change, or maintain results from your treatments. Your professionally recommended home care routine will keep your skin healthy and out of "fight or flight mode". When the skin is stressed, the signs of aging are accelerated, and skin health decreases; this can also worsen hyperpigmentation.

When starting with alxs skn gymwe recommend a minimum of 90 days of working together. Three treatments spaced 30 days apart are the best starting point for transforming your skin. Each of our customized treatments focuses on getting ahead of your skin concerns. Depending on your goals, we will reassess the skin at the 90-day mark and schedule subsequent treatments accordingly. Please remember that your new homecare routine is vital to achieving and maintaining treatment results.

If you cannot commit to a 90-day treatment plan, that's okay! You can still book a consultation and we can design a professional skin care regimen for you to help get your skin clear and healthy. Beginning a professional skincare routine will prepare you for when you are ready to start your treatments with alxs skn gym.


  • Avoid a rigorous workout on the same day as your appointment.  A hard workout before your appointment will make your skin more sensitive to the procedures.
  • Wear sunscreen all day before your scheduled appointment time.  Sunscreen protects the skin from inflammation.  The more inflamed the skin is at the appointment, the more reactive the skin will be and we may not be able to do the maximum treatment. 
  • Do not ride your bike to your appointment.  Riding your bike home after the treatment may cause skin irritations and unwanted side effects. 
  • Bring a hat if you will be walking outside after your appointment.
  • Avoid alcohol on the same day as your appointment. Coming to your appointment after a few glasses of wine will cause your skin to feel more sensitive since alcohol dilates and constricts the facial blood vessels, which greatly impacts the skin.  Drinking alcohol after your appointment dries out the skin and will affect the efficacy of the treatment.
  • It is helpful if you do not use your Face Reality Acne Med or Benzoyl Peroxide 72 hours before your appointment.  Benzoyl Peroxide can create dry patches on the skin that can interfere with the treatment and healing process.
  • Pausing your prescription Retin-A for five days before your treatment will help your skin be less red or inflamed from the treatment. 
  • If you want to minimize redness after your treatment, stop your active ingredients 72 hours before your appointment.  Active ingredients include retinol, Retin-A (tretinoin), Glycolic Acid, Salicylic Acid, and Benzoyl Peroxide.
  • In most cases, you do not need to stop using your active skincare products before your appointment. If you forget to pause any of the products listed above, don’t freak out.  It just means you may be more red or sensitive after your appointment, but it will not cause any harm to your skin or your results.

Do not do aerobic or high intensity exercise for 72 hrs after your appointment.  Anything that gets your heart rate up should be avoided.  The increase in body temperature and sweat can cause issues in the healing process of the skin and can cause acne and irritation.

Walking, gentle yoga, and pilates are all okay to do the next day after treatment.  Weight training is OK as long as an increase in heart rate and sweat are avoided.

The first three days after your appointment are the most important days to focus on skin healing. You may expect more inflammation on those days.

If you have had extractions during your appointment, it can take the skin 5-7 days to heal in those areas fully.

Depending on what treatment is performed, most people see peak results from their treatments at the 7-14 day mark. The more aggressive the treatment, the longer it may take to heal. We recommend having a treatment at least one week before a big event to give your skin enough time to heal.

You can get injectibles like Botox®, Dysport®, or dermal fillers immediately after your skincare treatment. However, you should wait two weeks after your injectible treatments to receive facial treatments.

If you are unsure or have questions about how to space out your injectible and facial treatments, please get in touch with your medical aesthetic provider.

Maintaining healthy skin

It is a common industry standard to have a series of 4-6 monthly treatments and then go on a maintenance program. Maintenance Programs can look different for each client because they will have goals based on their unique skin type, skin condition, and budget. Being upfront about your budget is essential when designing your maintenance program.

The frequency of your treatments in your maintenance program will determine how much correction your skin receives; the further apart you space your maintenance program appointments, the less we can continue communicating with the skin on a deeper level. Monthly to bi-monthly treatments are recommended for maximum skin health and correction.

Monthly treatments are highly recommended for those with acne or who are very serious about skin health and correction. Monthly treatments can be essential for clients concerned with aging skin, severe sun damage, or preventing signs of aging.

Skin that is significantly impacted by a stressful lifestyle will also benefit most from monthly treatments.

Bi-monthly maintenance treatments are one of the best ways to see great results while still improving the skin. We highly recommend this frequency for all of our clients since it is the best way to maintain your results to ensure you are on the best products and treatments and stay ahead of any skin issues that may come up.

With bi-monthly treatments, that means you are receiving six treatments per year.

Another option for busy people is quarterly treatments. With a proper home care routine, four treatments per year will maintain skin health. Quarterly treatments do not offer as much correction as monthly or bi-monthly treatments do.

And you may have more downtime after the treatment because the frequency of treatments is more spaced out.

Packages / Payments / Returns / Refunds

No. All deposits must be paid through Vagaro using a debit or credit card.  We will not refund a deposit and allow you to use a gift card to pay for the deposit at the time of checkout.

Yes! We bundle many of our most popular treatments in packages of three or six. You can view and purchase a package by clicking HERE.

Click HERE for detailed instructions on scheduling and redeeming a treatment in your package.

If you need to reschedule or cancel, please do so through the Vagaro booking system.  You have 48 hrs before the start of your appointment to cancel or reschedule your appointment.  After that time, the system will not allow you to cancel or reschedule your appointment, and your deposit will not be refunded.  Please contact us to cancel or reschedule your appointment if the system does not allow you to do it yourself.

All sales are final.  If you have any questions about our policy, please email us at info@alxsskngym.com

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